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Arts Business Institute Artist Interview with Encaustic Artist Heather Davis

Art Business Institute Artist Interview

Profiled artist Heather Davis presents encaustic work from her collection. We spoke with her about inspiration and technique.

“Cosmic Plans” Encaustic collage with Napalese paper and oil 12″ x 18″

ABI: What is the concept behind your body of work?
HD: My work springs from my love of architecture and history, and also reflects my curiosity about the future. I spent 30 years investing in commercial real estate and infrastructure and I love the projects we created, acquired and financed during that time. In my work I like to celebrate both the creations and
those who created them.

Vintage Plans
“Vintage Plans” Encaustic collage, 16″ x 16″

ABI: You follow certain classic principles when designing your art. Could you explain this?
HD: The great masters knew secret principles of organization that they used to create their masterpieces. Some have come to light, like The Golden Ratio and the Phi Grid. I use these principles when planning a piece and I am constantly searching for others.

ABI: What is your technique of working with encaustic ?
HD: Encaustic painting employs layers of pigmented molten wax, combined with damar resin for hardness and durability, which is then painted or poured onto a substrate and then fused with a torch or heat gun. It’s an ancient technique that was used more than 3,000 years ago (The Fayum Portraits) and is enjoying a revival today.

Pompeii Encaustic Art Painting
Pompeii Photo encaustic artwork with oil paint – 24″x 36″

The wax surface can be carved into and rubbed with oil paints, pastels, graphite and other pigments to add additional color. It’s possible to add additional elements in a collage incorporated into the wax medium. It’s a very versatile and forgiving medium.

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